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                                           Soup of the day                                                                                        cup- 4.5   bowl -8



Sandwiches & wraps

house made chips, sriracha slaw, french fries,

sweet fries +2, house salad +3 , fresh fruit +2



multi-grain, sourdough, rye,  house focaccia or wrap


bite club                                                                       9.5

smoked chicken, bacon, ham, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, garlic aioli ,multi-grain bread


chicken salad                                                                 8

chicken salad, lettuce , tomato, choice of bread                                             


                the simple sandwich                                                      8                   

  turkey, ham, or smoked chicken,  cheese, choice of bread


 pastrami & swiss                                                       9.5

pastrami, swiss, deli mustard, rye bread


 tuna salad-                                                                 8

albacoretuna fish, lettuce, tomato, choice of bread     


shrimp wrap                                                               12

shrimp, avocado, cabbage, tomato, cucumber, basil, chipotle



caprese sandwich                                                      9

Fresh mozzarella, basil tomato, balsamic glaze                     


southern  B.L.T.                                                         10

                    applewood bacon, fried green tomato, lettuce, tomato, roasted garlic aioli                                                                                         


        breakfast sandwich                                                  10   

                                                            bacon, swiss, fried eggs, parmesan tomato, chipotle aioli                                                                 


                                  grilled chicken                                                           10                             

chicken, avocado, chipotle aioli , lettuce , tomato, focaccia


                           pimento grilled cheese                                             9                     

house made pimento, apple ,  focaccia


                              ahi wrap                                                                      12                   

blackenedtuna, cabbage, carrot, cucumber, chipotle  aioli


                                  cheese steak                                                                    10                               

chicken or steak, poblanos, grilled onion, muenster


                    reuben                                                                       10.5              

pastrami or smoked chicken, slaw, 1000 islands, grilled rye


                                                  buffalo chicken wrap                                                10                                                                                     

fried  chicken, lettuce, tomato , house hot sauce, blue cheese crumbles, ranch dressing  


BBQ sandwich                                                            10

house smoked  pork BBQ, slaw, crispy onions








                                bite greens                                                                 8.5                               

mixed greens, dried cranberries, goat cheese, candied walnuts, balsamic


seared Ahi tuna                                                         13

blackened sesame tuna, romaine, carrots, red peppers,  tomato, onion, edamame, mandarin oranges,  soy-ginger vin


                                    summer salad                                                             10                                

mozzarella, mixed greens, basil, tomato, balsamic drizzle


                              B.L.T.  Salad                                                                  9                               

romaine heart, crisp bacon, grape tomato, blue cheese, smoked tomato ranch


asian chopped salad                                                 13

sesame shrimp, shredded cabbage, romaine, carrot, cucumber, scallion, red pepper, cilantro, sesame vinaigrette                                              


                               house                                                                             7                               

mixed greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrot


cold plate                                                                 9

scoop of chicken salador  tuna salads, house slaw,  mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumber, carrot, choice of dressing


Add to any salad

grilled chicken (grilled, blackened or fried)                                  3.5  

chicken salad or tuna salad                                                            4

blackened tuna or shrimp                                                                6


 *Consuming of raw and under-cooked meats, poultry,  fish, may increase your risk of food borne illness if you have a medical condition.





house made chips, sriracha slaw, french fries,

sweet fries +2, house salad +3 , fresh fruit +2


                         cheese burger                                                            8.5                        

swiss, cheddar, American  or muenster


                       bite classic                                                                   10                       

cheddar, applewood bacon, roasted garlic aioli


poblano burger                                                          11

roasted poblano, caramelized onions, muenster                                 


smash burger                                                             12

2-smashed patties, American cheese, 1000 island , caramelized onion, shredded lettuce


bbq burger                                                                 12

                                                    bbq sauce, bacon, cheddar, crispy onions                                                              


              quinoa blackbean burger(vegan)                          9                   

house made quinoa, black bean &  lentil cake, chipotle aioli



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